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Pigeon killed by 2 CU students

“Years ago, we drank whiskey and played hearts with an elderly gentleman that was very wise in the strategy of hearts and beat us routinely.  When describing the drubbings that he frequently inflicted upon us, he would call us his pigeons.”  This was what was going through my mind when I read about the two CU students that beat a pigeon to death with a stick.  I suppose, depending on where you have been raised, killing a pigeon could be considered a virtuous act, but in Boulder, Colorado, it’s considered animal cruelty and the DA is looking into more serious charges.

I thought it was a crime that we were routinely beaten in the game of hearts, but I can’t decide if beating a pigeon to death should be a crime, perhaps indicating that the two perpetrators are  well on their way down the road to becoming serial killers or were raised in a place where people routinely dispatch rodents and other pesky animals.